Nicholas Carroll as an New York City based actor and singer. He is an Equity Membership Candidate. 


Growing up surrounded by the corn fields of Central Pennsylvania, Nick found his solace on the stage. He seized every performance opportunity he could to sing and act. These opportunities led him to attend Ithaca College's BFA Musical Theatre program where he graduated with distinction for service to the Theatre Department.


At Ithaca College, Nick had the chance to develop and explore the craft of acting and the art of music, which he holds in his heart equally. He had many opportunities to perform, produce, and music direct throughout his time upstate.


Nick is currently a resident of New York City. He has acted at various regional houses around the U.S. and on the sea, traveled the country with a national tour, performed in productions, cabarets, and readings in NYC, and recorded an original cast album for his Off-Broadway debut. Nick is an Equity Membership Candidate. 


Nick is a lover of travel, roller coasters, and sushi. He can often be found exploring the closest farmer's market, hiking, or cuddling with any puppy who's willing.


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